Friday, August 3, 2007

from d's dump..

A-B Journey
Where are they headed ?
The subconscious want for a better life.
The frustrations of the cycle people are stuck in.
No conscious effort to break the cycle.
Dream of a better future, by living in a city they always dreamt of.
Everyday, they see people living a better life than they are.
Lack of direction
Ambition dies in the comfort of monotony.
Monotony gives people a sense of security,
Routine Age does not necessarily imply maturity.

i dont know who wrote this..but hell, i like! today is new-(ugly hp)laptop day. today is also the i'm-gonna-blog-everyday day. it's also the 'i-vow-to-put-up-original-stuff-here' (henceforth) day :P night!