Sunday, March 23, 2008

of all things bland.

it's a funny system we have here..back in the school days it would be a matter of grave resentment and bitterness when a student would be detained due to not living upto academic expectations. out here, in the system i'm learning it, i think it would be a favour to detain a student and give him a chance to really learn! but then again, i'm sceptical about how keen the people here are on learning anyway. most are busy brushing up social skills that would make them talk their way though their many so called networks. fake. so fake.
out here, we the positive people lable ignorance from the institutes end as freedom. until a point, taken. but then again, of what good is that freeom anyway? we learn, sure we do. at the end of it all, we learn that we dont really end up learning much when theres no encouragement. we learn that being idle is a waste of time. we learn about all the things that hinder us from learning. we learn.
it's almost the end of this semester, and i'm not doin too good for myself. life's been a pain, nothings happy anymore. that should explain such random disoriented posts. forgive moi.