Monday, May 5, 2008

old work # 2 happy cow!

in the winter of 06, determined to get a grip over my sketching skills, i used to set out every sunday morning with mr.nair, usually across the bridge near college. sketching got really difficult this time around, owing to frozen fingers and uncomfortable full sleeved sweatshirts, eternal colds, unmanagable flying hair, clinging monkey caps and sometimes even gloves. however, as i had never woken to mornings as i did this time, a whole new dimension to nid life suddenly happened. the annyoing chill was taken over by the warmth of knowing smiles of the usual early morning people we started bumping into, fresh bustle of activity with the rising sun, returning to breakfast instead of going to it
and the joy of getting to know a new person as i walked down the bridge with him chattering by my side..
if i had a tail then, i'd have swished it about for no apparent reason.


Nimisha Saikia said...

Pure bliss! :):):):):):):)'s

Nimisha Saikia said...

First this post has made me burst into the biggest smile this month, and secondly, I just realized that.......I'D LIKE A TAIL TOO!!! I can swich it around like my doggies!! hahaha