Monday, May 5, 2008

real cats do not possess eyebrows.

little over a year ago, arjun singh performed a surprisingly thoughtful deed. he had this tee with some malaysian cats all over it, which i obviously adored! then one fine day he donates it to me.
i really like such surprise things come my way... :)
i am wearing the tee today and suddenly noticed how all the cats wear this really dumbstruck expression..hehe..couldnt stop laughing! and to add to it, they're all smiling. did you know that real cats dont smile? nor do any other animals as for that matter!! (this is like my childhood realisation#27 : the fan doesnt give air, it just stirs it up!) hehe, i'm in a supewilly silly mood! but really..i can remember so many happy times with my cats that i could swear by anything that they did really smile along!
animals really are wonderful people...


Nimisha Saikia said...

This is an adorable pic, mana! Really! U look like u're fourteen or something! Love the tee

moonskull-cat said... true.

tp said...

im scared. im literally scared.

tht pic is... hehe . damn fuinny.
the thing abouit animals not smiling right, welll its not completely true, some animals have the smile but its not neccesarily for wat humans smile for. for instance: monkeys smile and/ or show their teeth as a sign of agression, or warning, or to point out danger.

remember tht time u got attacked by tht monkey? hmm? its coz of smiling. he must have got scared n leaped. its all ur fault manasi!