Monday, September 29, 2008

somethings happening!

last semester a fun pair of girls, matilda and emily came down from RCA to do experimental animation with us. editing some music they got along with them, i attempted to synch with it x rays shot in stop motion style. tonnes of techical errors later, i came up with this compromise of a film, or whatever you'd like to call it! most of the footage refused to play which is why some godforsaken person's ribcage keeps circling again and again and again towards the end! anyway, so then we had this big screening in the audi, our first ever. i remember us feeling all important, 10 of us seated in the 'directors chairs' in the balcony, hooting for all we're worth! this screening will remain special always, next time there will be just 9.

making films is a fun thing to's especially satisfying at the end, inspite of a frustrating process. i would really like to make lots of films someday :) i hope we all do!