Sunday, October 26, 2008

i'm home!

and i had such a nice day, almost like it took me into its arms and gave me the warmest hug ever!
digging into my big big bag of chilhood books, i came across this one, a book i just loooooooved!
i learnt my very first hindi letters and matras and all that from this and the illustrations draw me in just as much as they did before. i had a fun time with my cat too today..what an appropriate find of a book! i'm sure happy to be back :) mischief and laughter with loony toys ma got me in the morning, good food, good sleep, discovering a carrom genius in pa in the evening,
so much more to look foward to...



tp said...

hey thts sweet.
its really nice to find old childhood memorabilia.
i found a pair of shorts the other day. they used to be my favourite pair, when i was in the 6- 7th.

n they are UG-LYYY.

but still its nice to remember the times in them.

i like the art work in ur book. very folksy!