Tuesday, October 7, 2008

this is my friend sudeep. he's a lot like nikhil chinappa. when i was young, i called him suddy because it rhymed with buddy. i remember how he phoo-phooed at it then, but it doesnt mean anything irksome to him anymore. so yea..suddy's this story-poetry guy, i dont understand a lot of what he writes. suddy's also this anti war guy, i dont understand anything of what he has to say about that, except that war is wrong. but it's always nice to talk to him once in a while. he manages to keep me fascinated most of the time. the other times, i pretend like i'm listening..hehe...well anyway, this sketch got born off a random doodle i did. maybe he was destined to suddenly have a cool profile picture on facebook! here's remembering all the fun terrace, barista, phonecalls, beaches, emails, homemade coffee, sholay enactments and long walk times :)