Tuesday, April 28, 2009


There isn't much to compare with the thrill i get from zooming past places, on wheels that are just about as comfortable as if they are an outgrowth from my feet. Seriously...they are so real that for that brief period of time i can happily delve in the fantasy of me being some sorta mutant, with cooler foot mechnism than anybody else around! i sweat, i pain, i tire, but i don't wanna stop. and when i do, there's this weird conflict where everybit of my body, knees and above wants to move faster than the feet can manage. so there's this wobbly suspended-in-air feeling that takes over. you probably know what i mean if you've given rollerblading a go. wheels in general work well with me. i've always loved cycling and now this too. my first driving lesson happens this friday from a local relative i really enjoy spending time with. yay! but really, my ultimate ultimate goal would be able to ride bikes really well. every bike ride i've been taken for has left me screaming for more and i'm sure riding it myself would shoot up the feeling, five times over! there are really very few things i'd like to achive real real bad in life and this is of them. i cross my fingers to this ambition not fizzing away as time does.