Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bah! Bah! Black Sheep?

Last night was Shivani and Manasi's Girls Night Out at Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. Now this Event deserves note due to it's Exteremly Rare Occurence in Manasi's life. Manasi, who hasn't been a recipient to a ChickFlick since What A Girl Wants in 9th grade [on her ex-boyfriend-amanada-bynes-fan recommendation i.e. (roll your eyes, oh cuh'mon!)], was Awed. Spluttering, Gaping, she let her Mind stagger through The Movie. Shocked, Stunned and Bowled over, she promises to let the ChickFlicker in her out through Endeavours like this.................once in a Hailey's Comet.
Ps: Thanks for the fun time Shivani, for NOBODY else would i put pink on my blog! ;)


Shivani Gakhar said...

i think i'm growing out of chick flicks. should i panic?? :P

Manasi Parikh said...

nah..welcome to my world! ;) it's really not that bad out here.

Manasi Parikh said...

and besides..there are always these matrix-ey things to watch! :D

Apeksha said...

Shivani is your shreya :)
But come on boogle junior.. don't judge chick flicks by romie and michelles high school reunion... i mean, seriously?