Thursday, May 7, 2009

one of those moments you'd want to tuck away for always :)

You can't say you know me without knowing my relentless quest of adopting random brothers, yeah, all those rather embarassing unyielding attempts. Those sticky situations. Those illicit expectations. Those unhealthy feelings. Yuck. I'm getting sentimental in an unasked for a way. I feel like a joke to myself. And then this little boy in the picture who comes along this morning, catches me messing around with frets and strings of an unfinished yesterday. So he comes up quietly, picks up my fingers with his tiny ones and places them all on the right places, instructs with much sincerity and lets the music unfurl. Manav is my first cousin, and the closest i have to a brother. He's always called me Manninee and i've called him so many things. I'm so glad to be spending two months around him in Bombay. I'm so glad i'm old enough to watch him grow from small to big. I'm so glad at the thought that someday he'll be taller than me. I'm so glad he's managed to knock into my head to stop looking anymore. I'm so much in love with this little monkey. I'm spilling sentiments all over my blog and for once i don't care! .....sniff.


Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Such a sweet story!

tp said...

chooo chweettt.

(i want a Manav too.)