Saturday, July 24, 2010

This 18 year old chick I've never met featured me on her blog today, here. So of course I felt all honoured and all. With great honour comes great obligation, said Batman. So I made this for one for her posts which i found rather entertaining. To make any sense of the above illustration and read that rather entertaining post, you must go here. This chick Shreya is  fun to read and makes me feel all 18 and awesome inside.

Afterthought : I don't remember having used this chick word so loosely  since I was 18 :P
Admission:  I've ripped the canteen image right off some dude's website! Like I'm that awesome!


Shreya said...

I think we'r awesome :] too much love i your blog only :]

et said...

Your blog is plain won-deh-full!

@ Shreya
Yours too, :]

Sami said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your blog:)