Thursday, June 30, 2011'

eeeeeeeeee! this place feels alien. this..this..ACT.feels.alien. THIS act of writing a blog post. it's been 223434888389f89jkfdo9u2394u594884848843oo3o332299 seconds since my last post no? i'm sorry, i've been spending too much time in the inside of my head. i've been keeping busy with two big things. my diploma film (i'll post something soon!) and bechain nagri (click click click), which along with tiresomeness and insane amounts of brain churning, has also been lots of fun! i made the above illustration for rejoicing the 500 likes we got on facebook today.

people were weird about me posting this saying 'beware, it might be offensive.' i really think indians should learn to laugh at themselves. there are lots of things in india i'd like to change. but that'll be another post..sometime. but i think our country is awesome.

i don't even know what to write. hmm..sssso. what all has happened since november 24th 2010? hmm. lets see. got rabbits (the ones that eat paper, and have special taste for my roald dahl books). got a new flatmate. launched bechain nagri. made tshirts that got printed! read a few books on entrepreneurship. had some madass parties. animated. learnt to cook reasonably. GOT GIFTED A MACBOOK PRO :D made a lot of trips to bombay. travelled to udaipur. read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. danced like never before. got one haircut. rollerbladed. grew some perspective plants. made considerable progress in diploma film. converted one room in our house to a studiospace. wrote a lot of blogposts in my head. and forgot all about them. *grumble*

annnyyway. i should get myself to sleep. i'm going to share some stuff from my diploma film soon. and i will post more often now on. i have a mac and 24*7 internet connection. i should not be allowed to make excuses for not updating my blog.

also, my adopted brother has a blog. you'll find it at, check it out! he makes good stuff, sometimes :P


Anish Daolagupu said...

the mystic whose stick you must dread hasn't made his blog public yet... :P

upload your work more... you must... eet ees so naice... :)