Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bechain Books

And yet another Bechain Nagri post :P

I've been yabbarelling so much about Bechain Nagri in the past couple of posts, that I really should take this one as an excuse to tell you about it.

You know we're way past our graduation year right? teeheee, having taken up ambitious diploma projects that spilled into an whole extra year (and counting), me and a bunch of friends bid our goodbyes to hostel life and now live in a rented apartment close to campus. And if you've had to call your papa in the beginning of every month screeching 'papppaaaaa...account mein paisa dalo!', and if you've also been a big fat 22 year old something while doing this, you'll understand just how hard it is to make that damn call.


Anyway, but really, it was time we did something to pay our own electricity bills! And while that remains an excuse, we really wanted to have some fun and have something else to look forward to while working on our short films.

We love sketchbooks, and we love drawing, so we combined the two and made these really nice open spine sketchbooks with illustrated covers and launched them at our college fest, RGB. You can see pictures of those madness filled days here.

The prints to the left are my set of prints. They're drawings done on photographs I'd clicked on a trip to Rajasthan earlier this year. I really like photographs, quaint and empty spaces, and doodling. I enjoyed doing this series because I could throw all of it in.

The pixellated design at the bottom of the pile is on it's way! If you like what you see here, do join our facebook page and we'll keep you updated :)


my line said...

all work is gr888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888t

Shreya Agarwal said...


Aparajita said...

cool stuff!

Tangerine said...

wow....this is awesome.
really creative :D

Ram said...

very nicely simplified work..liked your style..

Sami said...

Stunningly beautiful!!! Totally overwhelmed at your works. Tried to jam in every superlative to describe it... but still fell short!

Sami said...

Oops! Sorry for the comment on the other blog! Well... yes, I have kind of worked on the visuals- but mainly in the post production- adding lights, shadows, color correction, adding texture to the kid etc. -sort of completing it the way I had visualized when I started it as a graduation project. The storyline is still the same- though I would have loved to work on the storytelling but it would then become a new project altogether.

a.©.s said...

I was at the Chitrakatha fest only for a day and missed on getting the books:( But someone I knew had them and they're realllyyyy nice:)