Monday, July 11, 2011

EDI tee

My first t-shirt print ever !!

I made this for a friend, who studied at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. His batch graduated this year, and wanted a batch tee as a keepsake.

So here are the designs of the front and the back, and then the entire bunch of EDI-ots wearing them at the bottom.

Don't ask me how a tower of hairy elephants found their way on a seriousass entrepreneurship tee :P

I do hope it works better than caricatures of Mallya, Tata, Birla and other fancy honchos they wanted me to stamp on the tee, something I vigorously shook my head in the negative to before they even finished their sentence.

I love thinking in characters. That's why I love animation and animation people :) There's always fun to look forward to!