Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ghar snippets

I thought it would be apt to start with this as a continuation of my last post of over a year ago. Here are a few snippets of animation I did for my grad film, Ghar. I didn't end up working on it post graduation, and I died a little today when I found this lying in my hardisk all rusty and unfinished :( If you ask why,  I'd say I've busy with Bechain Nagri. But the real reason is I didn't have the confidence to pull off an inde film all by myself. My set of storytelling, drawing and animating skills were in my head never enough to do justice to the story I was out to tell, and each time I'd sit to work on the film I'd keep holding myself back. Designing that character just once again, for the two hundredth and third time..maybe it would come out perfect this time?

I feel so silly thinking like that in retrospect. I wish I'd just finished the damn thing. These days, I try my best make sure I finish what I start. And and I do wish I can also finish making Ghar some day! 


rhuturaje y said...

awaiting film

Alok N R said...

dude ! there are people eagerly anticipating your film man!! And it looks great so far ! just make that dash to the finish line manasi!! you can do it!! I just finished my film and I know how insanely hard it is to do it alone,but you gotta do what you gotta do ! your all that your film has got man! go for it!