Monday, April 15, 2013


The drawing in my previous post reminded me of this, so thought I'd put it up! So Chumbak is where I currently work. It's been six months since I joined them in Bangalore, and it's been quite a mad ride so far. Now that I've decided to blog more often, you'll see little nuggets of work and daily nonsense from Chumbak pop up on my blog every now and then :) This particular sketch was made for a giveaway mug for the first ever Brainstorming and Beer session Chumbak held with all it's designers to plan out their design scene for the next quarter. It was so much much fun, the session as well as scribbling this out! Especially because it's a lot of my favourite people on a mug :)

Also, while I'm on this post, a big shout out to Kaveri Goplakrishnan (The girl peppering her brain in the sketch) for general madness over the past five months. I dunno how I'd have managed without her at work! Here's to frustrated airdrop sketches, venting in the autos, daily giggles, 8tracks, stupidity, disgusting food habits, everyday stories, matching curtains, anthuriums, picking up kittens off the roads, purple turtles and the awesome mood lamps we shall both someday own.

And toasting to that, I end this post on cheery-beer-ey note. 


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