Monday, April 15, 2013

Calendar 2013

A calendar whipped up with much love by all the designers who work with Chumbak. I did January and July, and was lucky to get to design the cover page as well!

January wishes you a Happy New Ear, while the invisible thought bubble in Indra's head in July says "So, would julylaike some rain this month?"

Get it? Hahaha :P

Also, someone who bought the calendar was sweet enough to share a picture of it with us! It made me happy to see my drawing up on someone's board :) 


Designer Demon said...

Thats in my office... :)

Manasi Parikh said...

What! Really? What are the odds you stopped by my blog today :)

Priyanka goyal said...

This is my board..... :) :)

Priyanka goyal said...
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