Monday, August 27, 2007

A Day to Remember, which gave some things to forget.

"and the girl in the red shorts? whos done that?"
"me", replied a voice..partly apprehensive and partly priveleged.
what followed next was a revelation of sorts..confrontation with the the partly apprehensive side. this is what the voice now has to say..
when it rains,
close your eyes,
run, jump,splash,
reach out,
catch the happiness before the last drop splatters,
free yourself.
and then, you can make it rain too.
and then, you can make it there.
well, i could.
and soon, it shall be everywhere!
-first day, illustration with lucie.


Nimisha Saikia said...

I couldn't have associated this with anyone but you from our batch!! I knew at first glance hehehe. Ur poem is suddenly making me smile at the pattering that is going on outside. U've lifted my gloom!!!!