Tuesday, September 11, 2007


today i looked away. away from the everydays i've been living, the everydays i semi consciously slipped into. and what do i see there?
i dont really know if i'm ready to accept what awaits me. if everything is nothing is quantum physics, then what is quantum physics? then,what awaits me anyway? maybe i wont make any sense of this ten years later, but,
but nothing.
the second half of lots of sentences are left incomplete..
i dont even know if half the questions raised are worth answering in the first place.
yes, yes, i know teacher said that no question is stupid, but then again, what if i told you your teacher was stupid, and i the second told you that your teacher is goddamn correct! whom would you believe? and if youre smart and believe neither, youre a fool to believe yourself.
now now, do you believe that?
*picture stolen from priyashas blog.


Nimisha Saikia said...

This one has really got me thinking. Hmmmmmmmm.............