Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the way of the world.

the world..the world is big, too big for refrence lets just narrow down to a bunch of people who you interact with...choose to interact or need to..both.
Do you ever feel defeated at the madness around? Ever feel that people are way beyond what you can ever decipher of them? Ever realised that developing The Opinion is almost next to impossible?
Right now, i pray for those special effects tech junkies to come and wreck me out of this whirpool of uncertainity, dissolve me into air and then..then, well, someone can breathe me in.
that way, atleast you know youre certainly being useful.
uncertainity me says is the way of the world.
You come to the world, spend your life figuring how to live rather than just living it, and then you die.
Any other speculation will exceed the realm of necessity and hence i hereby proclaim the end of this seemingly useless article.