Sunday, October 7, 2007

music so soft, seems like it's far away..

someone, a while ago, got real mad at me..and commanded in that infamous angry voice, "fuck off". with the reluctancy of someone who doesnt know what to do, i turned to walk away, leading me to where i am now..

my room desk, which is suddenly a very comfortable corner. and although they arent really there, you feel like youre seated on a lotta big soft cushions..y'know what i mean, the sorts of which make you feel all comfy and warm, right in the inside of you.

damn. in the time it took to open this webpage, i've forgotten all the beautiful things i was thinkin of and something tiny like a memo note popped up sayin "write your blog stupid". damndamndoubledamn. i feel so sheepish.

hmmm..ummm..oh yea..somethin about a toilet seat..

oh yeah! like right now, i could be sitting on my toilet seat, in my yellow-lit(yay!!) toilet, with norah jones playing some of my favourite music,

(never completed, posting anyway.)