Wednesday, November 5, 2008

gmail ads

i was surprised when i learnt of gmails advertising policy sometime last year. say you mention the word 'coffee' in a few mails, you'll have coffee glaring at you, buy me, no buy me! i was pretty taken in by the entire thing and surely when i exchanged a couple of emails regarding a certain chennai - sri lanka trip this summer, i didnt have to take much trouble figuring travel. the lowest rates blinked my attention away from my mails to the right and to the left, the now more attractive columns of my inbox. i found it rather smart, though creepy at the same time. well after the initial oooh factor wore out, i stopped caring much about these ad's,
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Nimisha Saikia said...

Oh my godd!! Hyaahhahaha hyuk hyuk!! Its too hilarious! :D

Anish Daolagupu said...

hee hee... funny...

Anish Daolagupu said...

but the colors... the color selection for your blog leaves my eyes watering everytime i visit... :P

Manasi Parikh said... you see thats a strategy! everytime i think my blogs worth shit, i'll put a dirty colour thing to put off people for a bit!
alright alright...i veeel change it.

tp said...

hahaha hilarious!
(well atleast u know where to look for backup) harhar