Thursday, December 4, 2008


"hey look ma! the guy there is making doggie balloons! can we have one?"
and one balloon got these two people. the amused balloon seller even went an extra mile to customise the balloon for these conjoined cephalopagus'. but when he put the two doggie heads facing different directions, little did he know...he had unwittingly stumbled upon a dark dark truth...

it's my first time on Illustration Friday ! being the doing-the-quick-doodle-and-getting-away-with-it person, i found it scary to put down one particular perfect image. it was like a commission or something! i did have to step up lots to graduate to the above image.

before that,

this happened, but the zebra didn't look like a balloon!

and before that,
happened this idea doodle!

then there was this other take,
an ode to the inseparables.
for the abagails and brittanys of the world!

having totally disobeyed illustration friday's instruction of not more than one image (psst...the next post has yet another one :P), i shall now shut up.

ps: this illustration marathon fetched me news on some incredible realities. you might like to find out more too.


Karen said...

Welcome to IF! I just started submitting this year too! It's a lot of fun. Love your idea by the way.

Rui Sousa said...

Wow, so many great work. They have an incredible texture, and the plastic is really well done.

rebecca woodward said...

Your Balloon posts are wonderful. I really like your style!