Friday, September 11, 2009

11th September, 4 pm, Ani Lab

his name sounds nothing more than..well...a sound. "eipe!" not much of it comes out from him either. but this man sure is all the adjectives beginning with an E in the dictionary, excellent ones only. eccentric, emphatic, exciting, extraordinary, electric, educated (his own suggestion) were a few that went on the series of posters i did for what i knew was going to be a super-awesome-and-very-cool presentation. and about the rest, you can only be curious!

ps: eipe in these posters is a version of his own scary mary character for mtv. if you haven't seen it yet, goooooooooooo finnnnnnnd a caaaaaaaapy!


surabhi said...

i like it...n i need ur address

jazzlamb said...

I flicked one of them, I think it was this one only, and rudro has one too:)
They're really cool:D

Arun said...

100 per. Eipe :)

Arun said...
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Roshnee said...

very cool, you're from NID im presuming?