Thursday, September 3, 2009

wefinshedourfilmwefinishedourfilllllluuuummmm! finally finally! we finished our filllluuummm!

:D :D :D The word 'today' has never sounded better! Yo dhickchickdhackchickdhickchickdhackchick!

PDINGPDOONG, a Claymation film of duration 3:25 minutes, saw it's first official screening in the Auditorium of the National Institute of Design on the 27th of August 2009.

So i'm sounding like this history textbook from school, but not without good reason! Taking into account all the hazaar horrid circumstances that gureilla warfared with us, i personally consider the ending of this film nothing short of an historical event! I'm glad it's over :) People seem to like it, and it helps to know that. I realised how big a part of a film the audience is. Sure we give a lot of importance to the typical aspects of a film like the shoot, the edit, sound etc etc...but we forget to acknowledge the audience.
No audience, no film. ( I think.)
(Boy, i hate making these heavy statements outside of my diary..they call for responsibility...big word...Gulp!)
Anyway, i'm gonna rant on a lewttal more. Pdingpdoong is the first proper film we made, and starting a film from a seemingly insignificant floating around idealet to taking it to it's ready-to-be-showed-off-to-the-world stage is an extremely enriching experience. You're constantly bombarded with enlightments as also nasty disillusions. It involves tackling oh-so-many things all at once, materials, time, dates, people..(baths..) to name v. few. You make friends, you lose some. You develop fresh perspectives, you shed some. You pick and drop just so many things along the way. It's so much learning that you can't help but feel all grown up at the end of it! I've got to say, this film has been my favourite project so far!

It was totally the Rock Star of my life for the past nine months :)


jazzlamb said...

Congratulations again!
I'm sure you'll make many more such saxx films. And by saying fillum, you make it sound like Jaikar:)

Manasi Parikh said...

hee..thanks jassi, and you really must get a patent on this 'saxx' word! :)

tp said...

finally! an update from miss parikh! nice to see all the internship work !

btw i loved ur advertising of the screening. and needless to say the film is awesome!

All i can say is: "Good work and...

Keep on moving!"
(a funky beat plays in the background,for some reason)

surabhi said...

i really want to watch the final film,upload it soon :)
miss u guys...