Monday, July 11, 2011

RGB Tees!

More tees :)

I designed this series for NID's intercollege design fest, RGB: Share.Design.Play.

Here's what they're called :

1) Share Your Jalebees
2) Design Fake Beemaries
3) Play Colourful Holies


So this year we celebrated desi design, the entire feel of the fest being very local, colourful, kitschy...and the juniors did a rather good job of peppering the campus with lifesize carrom boards, Rajnikant, and jhintak truck graphics.

I had total fun figuring the word play for this lot. Also, the entire desi thing went perfect with the idea, so llaalalaaaa!

Also, it was fun to have second round of tees printed this year :)

The character drawings are done by my friend Kc (who should be crunched under a sumo wrestlers butt for not updating his blog!)

So that's that! I wish I'd thought of taking pictures of people wearing the tees, but I forgot :P


Manu Martin said...

I have seen many creative blogs. Your blog really stands out, having said that I feel you still can do a lot better. Hats off to your art. :)